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July 14th, 2024
Articles & Tutorials
Discover why mobile teams cannot achieve full-stack observability with a single, all-in-one solution and what they actually need to achieve true observability over their mobile apps and reliably deliver optimal performance. Learn more in this blog post.
sinasamaki shows how to add bouncy overscroll animations to all your scrolling elements.
Arnaud Giuliani shares some important updates about the future of Koin.
Embrace and Grafana Labs have joined forces to bring advanced observability to mobile apps using OpenTelemetry. This collaboration enables engineers to integrate mobile telemetry from Embrace with backend performance data in Grafana, providing a comprehensive view of application health and user experiences.
Tom Sabel explore how to manage date and time functionalities using Kotlinx DateTime in iOS, offering clear, step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth transition.
While many articles cover the basics of the new Compose Navigation, Konstantin Merenkov guides us deeper into the Type Safe BottomBar routes.
Sandeep Kella dives into the magical world of stack and heap memory using some fun, everyday analogies.
Tomáš Mlynarič covers what cases strong skipping mode solves for you and what needs to be manually controlled.
Eevis Panula builds a stacked card custom layout in Compose.
Zach Klippenstein's deep dive on restartable functions, which are a core concept of Jetpack Compose.
Victor Brandalise shows how to use shared element transitions in Jetpack Compose.
Amit Shekhar examines the difference between remember and rememberSaveable in Jetpack Compose.
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Libraries & Code
A Movie and TV shows tracking app illustrating Android development best practices with Jetpack Compose
This post explains to use the recently released GenC open-source project to combine Confidential Computing, the Gemma open-source models, and mobile platforms together to begin experimenting with building your own gen AI-powered apps.
Here's what's new in Kotlin 2.0.20-Beta2
Videos & Podcasts
Nicola Corti interviews Marcello Galhardo, Software Engineer at Google. Marcello is working in the AndroidX team responsible for adding Kotlin Multiplatform support for several popular AndroidX libraries.
Daniel Atitienei demonstrates how to read, write, and update documents using the Firestore database.
Philipp Lackner shows how to make HTTP requests with Ktor in Kotlin Multiplatform.
Kevin Morales talking about Crashlytics (service by Firebase) and how to implement in your Android apps with Kotlin.
Dave Leeds explore what it means to favor composition over inheritance, considers the characteristics that are affected by it, and looks at an underrated Kotlin feature that can change our perspective on it!
Stevdza-San shows how to set a common app icon and splash screen when using Compose Multiplatform.
Charfaoui Younes explores the challenges of securing API Keys in Android projects, showcasing the only way you can secure it from all types of attacks.

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